ONE DAY. The Space to Exist as Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are.

The One Day Collection was created by us to remind the world to continue to  practice emotional flexibility in regards to ourselves and other human beings. It is commonplace for individuals to be boxed and labeled in a particular way.

The effects of this typecast poorly affect the individual. Consequently, they poorly affect the people as fragments of a whole.

This collection is not only designed to make public statements about beauty and healing. It is an important reminder of the bond between who we know we are and who the world perceives we are.

The two come together.  One side and its opposition. One day creating a utopia in our own world, and a utopia in the world.



The One Day logo is designed to visually represent the common ground between what is, what isn't, and what could One Day be.

In one circle of the Venn diagram there exists a thought, idea, or concept. In the other circle lives its inverse - the opposite of that thought, idea, or concept. For example,'light' on one side, 'dark' on the other.

Alone, these ideas only exist as antagonists to one another. Contrarily, within this structure they are intersecting elements of a unified story. 

Represented as One Day - the decaying rose, heart inside its core, exists in the middle circle of the Venn diagram. It shows the beauty in death, and the love that still lives on/protrudes inside its remains. 

The duality of these opposing sides come together to simultaneously feed off the idea that One Day, whatever is on either side, both will be accepted and loved as our  or the entire truth.